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Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

North Notts CAMRA branch process for choosing Good Beer Guide Entries.

Members should be encouraged to submit beer scores on the NBSS all year round.

Regular surveys of town and village pubs should be carried out but from October all pubs that are in contention for the Good Beer Guide (GBG) should be revisited by the GBG committee.

The purpose of the surveys is to gain an up to date knowledge of as many pubs in the branch as possible.

A coordinator for the surveys, who is a North Notts CAMRA branch member, to be chosen at a committee meeting prior to the surveys starting. The coordinator shall be responsible for planning the surveys and gathering information from the surveys.

A survey team to be set up from North Notts CAMRA branch members, open to all, but members of the survey team have to commit to the surveys so that a complete view of all of the pubs is obtained from each member of the team.

Any member who is not on the survey team wishing to go along on any of the surveys will be very welcome and the coordinator has the choice of using the member’s input. Eg. A member may go on two Worksop surveys in which case the coordinator could use the member’s views but just on Worksop.

The information gained from the surveys will be used for putting a selection of pubs forward for voting on by the members for GBG entries, or to assist members if required.

A special meeting open to all North Notts CAMRA members to be called in February, possibly early March, with GBG entries the main and perhaps only topic. The GBG entries are put onto What Pub so the meeting should be 2 weeks minimum before the last entry date.

While the branch has 14 GBG entries 3 will be from Worksop, 3 from Retford and 6 from the villages. The best remaining 2 pubs will then be selected. The Pub of the Year automatically goes in and fills one of the places of Worksop, Retford or the villages.If the branch is dropped to 13 GBG entries 3 will be from Worksop, 3 from Retford and 6 from the villages and then the best remaining pub.

The North Notts CAMRA branch Pub of the Year gets automatic entry into the GBG. The top 2 entries for Worksop, the top 2 from Retford and the top 4 from the villages on the NBSS will automatically go forward to the GBG unless one of these pubs is not the POTY. If a pub from Worksop wins POTY then there is only 1 chosen from NBSS, likewise for Retford and the villages would have 2 from NBSS.

To be selected through the NBSS a town pub must have 10 different scorers and at least 20 visits while a village pub must have 5 different scorers and at least 10 visits.

The survey team will put forward a minimum of 4 pubs for Worksop of which the members shall choose 2. The survey team will put forward a minimum of 4 pubs for Retford of which the members shall choose 2. The survey team will put forward a minimum of 8 pubs for the villages of which the members shall choose 3.

If any pub has a NBSS average of 3 or above, does not get automatic GBG entry and is not in the pubs put forward by the survey team it will be added to the list of pubs to be voted on. The pubs officer and the survey coordinator may wish to comment on the inclusion.

The voting will be open to all North Notts CAMRA branch members and the vote will be in writing on voting slips on the night. The reason for this is to keep the GBG pub choice secret until the GBG is published. The votes to be counted straight away after the voting by 3 members from the committee and the survey team and the voting slips to be available for inspection at the October branch meeting. If there is a tie between pubs a vote between the pubs concerned will take place, if it is still a tie the 3 members counting the votes will decide.