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Campaign for Real Ale

Campaign for Real Ale

North Notts CAMRA Pub of the Season (P.O.T.S) Rules.

North Notts CAMRA Pub of the Season (P.O.T.S) Rules.

1. The POTS voting to be administered by a person or persons chosen at a North Notts CAMRA branch meeting, a North Notts CAMRA committee meeting or the North Notts CAMRA AGM. The person or persons has/have to be a North Notts CAMRA member.

2. Pubs must be in the North Notts CAMRA area.

3. Pubs must have been open for the POTS season being voted for. If a pub closes for a short period for upgrading (decorating, cellar work etc) that is acceptable.

4. If a pub has won a POTS award previously in the same year, the pub cannot be considered for another POTS award until the following year.

5. POTS months are as follows:-

Spring – March, April and May.

Summer – June, July and August.

Autumn – September, October and November.

Winter – December plus January and February of the following year.

6. Persons voting must be North Notts CAMRA branch members, supply his/her name and membership number and each person can only vote for one pub per season. If a person votes for a pub that does not qualify the person can vote for a different pub.

7. Votes can be sent to the POTS administrator in writing or by a system or systems stated by the administrator (eg by email, text). Votes can be given in writing to the administrator or any North Notts CAMRA branch committee member. Votes can be left in writing at a designated point or points decided by the administrator that will assist the voting.

8. POTS voting to open on the 1st day of the final month and close on the last day.

Spring POTS voting to open 1st May and close 31st May.

Summer POTS voting to open 1st August and close 31st August.

Autumn POTS voting to open 1st November and close 30th November.

Winter POTS voting to open 1st February (the following year) and close 28/29th February.

9.Members' identities on voting will be not be disclosed and the voting list will not be kept any longer than necessary.

10. The POTS result to be checked and passed as correct and then announced at the next North Notts CAMRA branch meeting or North Notts CAMRA committee meeting after the close of voting.

11. The POTS presentation date to be announced at the same meeting as the result and the presentation to be added to the Social Events calendar.